Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving House

Not literally moving house but I decided it was time to upgrade my local build machine from Redhat ES4 to something more recent so I fired up a Fedora Core 11 VM that I haven't been using so far, copied over my SSH keys and started checking out the website svn repository.

There was nothing wrong particularly with ES4 but Xemacs is a little long in the tooth now and didn't want to mess the machine config around to install Komodo or Eclipse when that VM was really for testing releases at work.

The checkout finished without a hitch (can't get PEPs but that was expected). Now to install docutils, yaml and pyramid.

I am using an RPM-based system so I have a choice of installing the packages from source, installing from easy_install or RPM. My preference is RPM if only to make sure that I have a single place cataloging all software installed on system paths. If I wanted to get into virtualenv or some other sandbox arrangement (not today) then I could go hog-wild and install all sorts of crazy stuff.

I install docutils and run make again and it fails looking for yaml. There's only one YAML available from Yum that is Python related but is it the one that pydotorg is using? A quick search of the wiki and a broken link or two later and I decide to give it a go.

The README in the checkout root directory tells me I need mako (a templating library) as well. Yum adds in python-beaker (a caching library or WSGI middleware layer) and libyaml and away we go.

The next make command succeeds so start the server and presto! Everything is working, time to shut down the ES4 image.

Start to finish.. around 15 minutes. Lots faster than the first time or two when the site went to using Pyramid.